Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters

Harvia is a well-known brand in the sauna and spa industry, particularly for its electric heaters. Harvia electric heaters are designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for saunas of various sizes.

  1. Harvia electric heaters use advanced heating technology to ensure a consistent and even distribution of heat within the sauna.
  2. Harvia offers a range of electric sauna heaters to accommodate different sauna sizes and preferences. They may include wall-mounted models, floor-standing models, and integrated heaters for specific sauna designs.
  3. Many Harvia electric heaters are designed to work in conjunction with sauna stones. These stones not only contribute to the heat retention and distribution but also allow users to enjoy the classic Finnish sauna experience with occasional water splashes on the hot stones to create steam.

Harvia Electric heaters

Harvia Cilindro Sauna Electric heater :

The Harvia Cilindro is a series of sauna electric heaters designed for efficient and reliable heating of saunas. The specific model you mentioned, the Harvia Cilindro Sauna Electric Heater with a power range of 6.6-20 kW


Harvia Vega Compact is a powerhouse heater for small saunas featuring operating switches on the top part, making the user experience very ergonomic.

Harvia Qube Electric sauna heater

The Harvia Qube Electric Sauna Heater is a powerful heating solution designed for saunas. Here are some key features associated with the Harvia Qube Electric Sauna Heater with a power range of 18-36 kW