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Sadeq Nayef Group. is a family owned Business founded & registered in 1973 and it's growth was solid and co-coping with the local market trends.

The company’s activity started and continued in the electromechanical contracts, industrial equipment, pumps, motors & trading. Since the starting date and for the last 36 years the enterprise has taken an upward development and the company’s turnover boosted sharply upwards.

The Company ranks among the major contracting companies in electromechanical & water treatment works. (SNP) is classified as first electromechanical & second class water & water treatment contractors as well as traders.


Swimming Pools

Design & execution of all electromechanically works for swimming pools

Spa (Jacuzzi)

jacuzzi equipments and supplies such as (Water Jets Pumps, Air Pumps Blower, Water Jets, Air Jets)

Sauna & Steam

sauna rooms inside design , outside design, Stoves
(control box), wooden heat

Water Pumps

Single-stage centrifugal pumps for the recycling of water in spas


Water Fountains

cascada-victoria, cascada-victoria, cascad-bali, circular-nozzele, flat-nozzle, maui


Since its founding in 1962, Espa-Bombas Eléctricas, S.A., is devoted to the design, production and distribution of pumps and water systems for domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

Over 40 years of innovation and service define a dynamic company characterized by its search for both general and specific solutions for each product, starting from exhaustive research, development and innovation, which have spurred Espa to international ranking among main pump manufacturers.



Lagerholm is a recognized producer and exporter of Finnish saunas, both for indoor and outdoor use, worldwide. Lagerholm has done a big contribution to the world of Sauna by the long-time experience and by the enthusiasm we have for the true Finnish sauna. The Lagerholm sauna programme is complete, offering you everything you will need for a sauna bath.

Steam Baths
Perfect wellness additions to the range of sauna products. Some want focused heat, some want more humidity - there is something for everyone.



At ASTRALPOOL, all our activities revolve around swimming pools. No matter the size or shape, Residential pools or Olympic pools, temporary or permanent, indoor or outdoor, for hotels or local communities, a sport complex or water park we have the capacity to provide you with the optimum solution.

Every year, ASTRALPOOL is involved in the construction of more than 500,000 pools worldwide. ASTRALPOOL is a multinational group of companies that includes 100 facilities in over 30 countries ready to provide you with quality products and services. For over 35 years ASTRALPOOL has been providing quality swimming pool equipment, services and the ability to solve customer’s installations and design challenges in the residential and commercial pool industry.

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